Magic Bus: The hippie trail
The Story

One summer night at a hippie festival in Matala beach in Crete, “8” unique characters from around the world met … and became best friends. While they were sitting around the fire, under the full moon, surrounded by the hippie spirit, the “8” friends took a vow.

One day to travel together on the hippie trail with the legendary Magic Bus!

Now the time has come! Let the journey begin. Always in peace!!!

The Friends

Alex from Greece : funny, loud, very hospitable, talkative, history and philosophy lover, seeks  romantic moments  –  loves the full moon in August

Helen from Australia : high emotional intelligence, loves animals especially horses, member of WWF.

John from USA : a leader , a climate change  activist, loves cinema and pop&rock music. He is a ‘Game of thrones’ series fan.

Ekaterina from Russia: loves classical music, ballet and book reading. Ηer favorite author is Dostoevsky.

Felipe from Brazil : extrovert, party animal,  womanizer , sporty type, loves football.

Elisabeth from UK : good british manners, loves science fiction novels and Agatha Christie

Nelson from South Africa : spiritual, good hearted, reggae lover, great cook.

Liu from China : cheerful, organized, business oriented, very high iq

The Spirits

The journey is not easy after all and when it’s getting tough, a helpful “Spirit” will offer its help.

Van Gogh, Queen Victoria, Franz Liszt or Cyrus ? Look for a local Spirit, in each city !

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Want to join ?